Message of the Ambassador

Bringing the EU closer to the people can be a challenge, in Turkey as well as within the EU. The EU Information Network in Turkey tackles the challenge head on by running a wide range of information sessions, conferences, workshops, cultural events, exhibitions and other activities.

The serious and enthusiastic support of the chambers of commerce and industry of the 21 EU Information Centres evidently indicates that the commercial sector supports Turkey’s EU accession process. Universities are also heavily involved. However, the role of the EU Information Network is not only to disseminate information and provide contact with business or academic circles, but also to go the extra mile and cover local authorities, civil society institutions, media and cultural circles.

The EU Information Network now exists right across Turkey and is an important tool to inform citizens, business circles and civil society institutions about Turkey’s EU accession process and EU-Turkey relations. In 2012 and 2013 it will expand further.

Our inclusive and extensive approach reflects the fact that accession to the EU is not the objective of any one particular segment of society or region, but concerns all citizens and provinces of the Turkish Republic. We are responding to the interest expressed by all parts of Turkish society in the EU accession process, and attempting to relate the fact that, in the final analysis, reforms linked to the accession process are not only EU requirements, but will benefit each and every citizen.

I would like to thank all our partners in the different cities of Turkey as well as the Turkish public for their readiness to take part in stimulating and informed debate on the EU and Turkey, for their contributions to strengthen the Information Network at local and regional level and for acting as communication and dialogue channels.

Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert
Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey