EU Launched a new Programme for Employment and Social Innovation


The European Union launched the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) to encourage innovative social policy solutions and sustainable long-term economic growth and jobs, which should reduce social inequality and divergence between the Member States.

The EaSI’s priority activities in 2014-2020 will help the Member States to modernise their labour markets and social security systems and to increase their rates of employment, in particular among young people.

Merging PROGRESS (Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity), EURES (European Employment Services) and PROGRESS Microfinance into one umbrella programme, the EaSI dedicated mobility schemes will be launched to facilitate job searches and promote job-matching at the EU level. EaSI will also provide a new financial instrument for social enterprise support and will ensure continuity with our successful microfinance instrument.

The programme’s total budget is €919, 469, 000, which will be distributed over seven years.

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