Team Europe

The main objective of Team Europe is to provide to various target groups correct and objective information on EU-related subjects. Team Europe members participate in seminars, conferences, training schemes, television programs, etc., on request and inform different segments of the public on selected EU-related subjects.

In order to establish Team Europe Turkey, 180 public and private institutions were contacted, including universities, public bodies, think tanks, regulatory institutions, NGOs, professional and business associations and media institutions, asking for nominations of EU experts. Now, around 40 experts are included in the database for Team Europe Turkey.

Institutions in Turkey can apply to the “EU Communication Team” to request experts for their activities (seminars, conferences, television programs, training programs, etc.) whenever necessary. In response to the requests the project team searches the database for appropriate names, contacts the expert(s) and offers alternatives (if available) to the requesting institution
Requests for Team Europe speakers are managed by the Information Communication Contractor.

Download Team Europe Application Form